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What’s the Difference Between Surf Boarding and Windsurfing

feature-1A long time ago, which I am very sure (lol) I have actually written a simple diagram on how Wind Surfing is different from the most common Surf Boarding or simply what they call as regular Surfing. Actually the longer a surfer has been into this kind of sports, the more he or she would probably be familiar or could do those 2. Some are even doing kite surfing, but that one would be discussed more in our upcoming article. For now we will focus with the Surf Boarding and of course my favorite Windsurfing. Read On!

Tips in Preparing for a Windsurfing Competition

feature-2Windsurfing competition is being conducted mostly as sponsored by a corporation engage in production of surfing material and equipments that will engage competitors to showcase their talents for honor and a huge pot money, a place in national competition, or simply an event to provide entertainment. If you are a surfer that will join the upcoming completion. You should bear in mind that you have to be mentally and physically prepared for the said event. Read On!