What’s the Difference Between Surf Boarding and Windsurfing

feature-1A long time ago, which I am very sure (lol) I have actually written a simple diagram on how Wind Surfing is different from the most common Surf Boarding or simply what they call as regular Surfing. Actually the longer a surfer has been into this kind of sports, the more he or she would probably be familiar or could do those 2. Some are even doing kite surfing, but that one would be discussed more in our upcoming article. For now we will focus with the Surf Boarding and of course my favorite Windsurfing.

Windsurfing can be much easier for beginners
I can say the main reason wind surfing is my favorite is because of the reason how you are to learn windsurfing. You would always have something to hold on into, which is the sail itself, therefore balance wouldn’t be a major issue. Although, of course, your direction and balance relies on where the wind is coming. Although the truth is, you can always use the wind to your own advantage. The only thing I have more of these is the required gear that a surfer would definitely need to wear unlike the regular surfing. One more thing is that equipments including the sail and board are really much expensive in wind surfing plus those mentioned gadgets. It is also advisable that you prefer to do wind sailing if your place are close to those close to the wind like a lake or river.

Surf Boarding or Surfing is as good as your skill
Learning regular surfing or surf boarding requires more skills as compared to wind surfing. First of all, Surfing needs your balance. You need a better endurance to make sure that you won’t lose your balance, otherwise it will be dangerous on your end. The good part with surfing is that, it is less expensive as compared to wind surfing. Normally, a complete set for surfing would cost around $700 more or less, you can buy half the price for those second hand surf boards but you have to make sure of its quality. You are also in control of your movement most of the time once you have learn to balance properly, your basis would always be the direction of current but you are still in control.

Windsurfing and Surf Boarding are almost as same sports, but simply got differ in equipment. You are lucky if you have tried this once in your lifetime.

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