About Us

Yeah, this is me, if I am not surfing the waters, I'm surfing the world wide web!

Yeah, this is me, if I am not surfing the waters, I’m surfing the world wide web!

Hi, my name is Todd, I’m into water type sports and one of my favorites is surfing. Surfing started as my hobby since junior high school. I took up multimedia marketing when I was in college, but my love of water sports didn’t stop there at all. I continuously tried almost any sport type from swimming (with it’s different strokes) until I had the chance to develop my skill in surfing and dragon boating. With all those regular water sports like the regular surfing, kite surfing and my favorite, the Windsurfing. What I like about windsurfing is that aside from it is much safer compare to kite surfing or regular surfing, I get the the chance of being able to balance myself my relying most of my strength with the healp of the sail. Not to mention that I am having a good chance of integrating myself with natures gift which are the wind and water current.

My Grand Plan
My whole plan is to share photos and information about windsurfing and those events that I’ve join from the past. I have also made updates of the upcoming events of which surfers like me could join. This site have improved tremendously as compare to how I’ve started this 2 years ago. Most of my colleague was able to help me out in updating their site, though we are focused right now of providing details about windsurfing, time will come that we are to expand and add details related to other water sports like kite surfing and regular surfing.

The Support Team
I myself have been personally posting and commenting on each comment. With the help of my Surfing buddies, we were able to come up with the scheduling procedure on who will be available to monitor the site in a 24/7 basis, and thanks to the advantage of modern technology and social media, we were able to save time by monitoring those notifications instead of wasting time waiting for comments at all.

As mentioned, this site will be improved from time to time to manage and provide your needs. There will be major changes to accommodate your ideas and concern, for now enjoy surfing or reach us here!

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